Quote from : American Gangster Movie

Mama Lucas: You don't shoot cops. Even I know that. Eva knows it. The only one who DOESN'T seem to know is you.
Frank Lucas: [ignores her pleas as he escorts her outside] All right, Mama. I'm not going to, I promise you. I'm not going to shoot anyone.
Mama Lucas: I never asked you where all this stuff came from, because I didn't want to hear you lie to me. Please...
Frank Lucas: [talking over her] Ma, I understand. I don't want you to worry about it. Now come on, I have to go...
Mama Lucas: Don't LIE to me!
[slaps Frank roughly]
Mama Lucas: Don't... don't do that. Do you want to make things so bad for your family that they'll leave you? Because they will.
Frank Lucas: [dismissively] No. No, Ma, I understand...
Mama Lucas: [points towards Eva] She will leave you. *I* will LEAVE you!

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