Quote from : 12 Angry Men Movie

Juror #8: [answering Juror #4's remark about where the father's body was found] We're not, unless somebody else wants to; but *I'd* like to find out if an old man who drags one foot when he walks, 'cause he had a stroke last year, could get from his bedroom to his front door in 15 seconds.
Juror #3: He said 20 seconds.
Juror #8: [looks at him] He said fifteen!
Juror #3: He said twenty seconds! What are you tryin' to distort...
Juror #11: He said fifteen.
Juror #3: [pause, then shouts] How does he know how long fifteen seconds is? You can't judge a thing like that!
Juror #9: He said fifteen seconds. He was very positive about it!
Juror #3: He was an old man! Half the time he was confused! How could he be positive about anything?
[stops, realizing what he's just admitted]

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