Quote from : A Cast-Off Coven Book

You're going to the ball?" Luc asked. "Need an escort?" "I appreciate the offer, but I hear it's all the rage to go stag." He raised his eyebrows. "Besides, I think your brother might take it amiss." "I thought you two were... taking a break?" "I'd like to wait and see. He's only gone for a couple of weeks." "I'll take you," Aidan interrupted again. "I was planning on going, myself." "Dude, I'll take you," echoed Conrad from his seat at the counter. "Thanks guys." I had to smile. This for a witch who was quite literally banned from any and all high school dances. "But, really, I sort of like the idea of going solo." Just then we all looked around as the bell on the front door tinkled again, this time announcing the arrival of Inspector Carlos Romero. "Blessed goddess!" Bronwyn exclaimed, throwing up her hands. "Don't tell me you're here to ask Lily out as well? I'm beginning to feel like a dueña." "No," Carlos said, looking puzzled.

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