Quote from : A Blueness I Could Eat Forever Book

I heard a rapid alternation of notes, a vibrating staccato of an ancient instrument, nearly as old as nature herself, a cricket singing in my garden last night, the first time this year. When turning my garden's soil, I often uncover crickets, curmudgeons that scramble to find solitude and cover from the light, but I rarely hear their ancient song 'till near summer's end. Although the wind is now lofting the branches and rustling the leaves, the evening sun still warms my face. And my garden still blooms full with pink-papered hollyhocks and blue, green spikes of lavender, and roses, bright pinks and yellows, all glowing from sunshine-swelled canes, and zinnias, rainbow-shingled orbs, and more. And yet, I am already dreading the coming of fall, all dressed in small rags of red, yellow, and orange. I know that my summer garden is nearing its end, as hailed by the cricket's song.